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Some comments was saying people born in a poverty family or poor areas in the world can never reach success in life or gain financial freedom. Well, I have a story to encourage you. My father was born in small village in southern mainland China. People were farmers. They hope to grow food to sell and to make money to feed themselves. He and his 4 other siblings and parents lived in a primitive shack that was so small that you can't imagine. Then the Cultural Revolution came and the Red Army took his father (my grandfather) away to reprogramming concentration camp where he eventually died. My father was 13 and his family was the poorest in the village. No food. No shoes. No money. The farming didn't always produce crops so they would walk a day's time to the city to buy produce and walk a day's time back to his village to sell it to make money. When that didn't pan out, he and his brother decided to escape china to Hong Kong in danger of the being captured by Communist guards, shark attacks, and long exhausting swim in the ocean to get to Hong Kong. He had to find work. He eventually became an apprentice to learn the art of gemstone carving. Of course one thing lead to another and he became more successful. Got married. Had kids. And grew a business. Much had happened. He gain much financial success. He provided not only for his immediate family but to his mother and siblings. He brought them all to America and gave them Jobs. His son (me) graduated college and joined his business and grew it to new heights. At the end of his life, the people that knew him would agreed that my father Hing Wa Lee was a successful business person which was self made. He came with no family advantage, lived in the poorest environment, and had no education. But through hard work, perseverance, integrity, timing, and luck; he was able to get out of his condition to prosper. So I hope this story encourages some of you that may not be in the best of environments that you too can get out and find success like my father. But it's up to you. Would you adapt some of the work ethics my father had? Would you take the risks like my father did? Something only you can ask yourself.

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