Always be positive

Many of you know I don't answer on comments due to lack of time so please don't take offense. I do address some of your questions in future posts like this one. So some of you asked if I would achieved the same kinds of success if I did not have a family platform to start with. And by the way, when I graduated from @uscmarshall , I did make a conscious choice if I wanted to start a business on my own or join my family business. My determination was I would get further if I started from my family platform but I would do it if the business model was changed and I could run it my way. But I loved all type of businesses. Didn't have to be jewelry. Which is why I have started and manage many business now. To me, the concept of all business is the same, just different products or service you are selling. That's the simple explanation. But I still asked the question. Now who would know you the best and alway tell you the truth? That would be my wife. And she said that she has no doubt in her mind that in what ever business I started and am involved with, she believes I will make it successful. And I am satisfied with that answer. Note: I am glad many of you appreciate my posts. It is meant to motivate but to also have depth. It's honest and there are lessons to be learned. I want to always be positive so I hope you can be that way as well. Thank you all for our support and encouragement to me.

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