#Integrity is a word that has lost some of its luster with today's young people. In my father's time, having integrity was the most important attribute in business because if you cheated someone once, that person cheated would tell everyone they knew. The word would get around and other people that you want to do business with most likely would avoid you. In my business experience and journey, I have found it the same to be true. It's troubling that I get feedback from young people believing that as long as you can make money, integrity doesn't play a role in the business model. Now a days with the Internet and social media, information on you is so available. I find that today, before you take a meeting with someone, they would google you first to know all about you-the good, the bad, and the ugly will surface very easily. So you tell me, does having integrity in business or doing your job play an important part in your road to success. Will you cheat to gain for the moment and lose the potential business opportunities? Do you want to handle your business or work with a long term or short term mind set? If you have been following me, you know my position on this matter. Have a good Wednesday and I hope you think about what I have said. #rollsroycedawn #lessonfortheday #professorLee

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