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Before I was 16, To earn and save money, I had done many things. I was self driven to earn money. Was always thinking how to make money. I had sold avocados in street corners, I had worked for electric consumer products retailers, amusement parks, and contracted to sell #pandaexpress lunch boxes to industry shows. But the bulk of the money I was able to make as a teen was doing gem stone carving. I remember since very young my father taught me the art of gem stone carving. It was his trade and He was a master gem stone carver. He would use to say, this is not a career for me (David) but at last least its a trade you can fall back on to make some money to survive on. So I learned as much as I can as a teen before high school. I was commissioned by a collector that knew that I carved gem stones and commissioned me to do a carving for him. I made a few thousand dollars carving a Chinese dragon scenery on turquoise for that collector which later donated it to a museum for a write off. It still maybe in a museum in Sacramento. Did you learn a skill that can earn you money? Is that skill seem boring to you now? I hope my story encourages you to learn a skill or stick with one you are learning now. #learnaskill #hingwalee #gemstonecarving #mondaymotaviation #missmydad

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