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I want to start out by thanking many of you for your kind and encouraging comments on the post about remembering my late father's birthday. In reading what you wrote, my heart also goes out to all of you that have experienced a lost of a parent. Much ❤️ brother @jcartu It's an eventuality that we all must face the fact we will lose our parents. No one can escape this end. When we are born, our doom has begun. I told myself 5 years ago after my father just passed. I was determined to make a difference with the time I have here. I will not be the weak link to lose what I am entrusted with. I will establish a legacy for my father and myself. I will teach my children what I know so they can have the skills they need to prosper. I will spread the truth in His glory. And lastly, I will see my father again one day to hear him say, "job well done my son...."

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