The Wise are those that listens & learns

I know many of you are new followers and don't know better so I will bring back an old picture for your edification. My father had a 125 square foot shop in the jewelry district in downtown Los Angeles. This was the so called "empire" that I joined into in 1990 during the terrible real estate & economic recession that was impacting America. During that time, one of two scenario happened. One-To add value to your family's business to overcome the current bad situation and taking the business to the next level. Second-making lots of mistakes or being lazy and resulting in losing the family's business. I saw a lot of scenario two happened to many businesses at that time but I refused to except anything but the first option to succeed. Hard work, perseverance, & integrity #3goldenrules #hingwaleegallery #Advice : the Wise are those that listens & learns. Fools can't extract the lessons & wisdom from what they hear instead makes excuses for themselves.

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