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Timepiece Cleaning Tips

Why Clean Your Timepiece? 

How often do you wear your timepiece? Whether periodically or daily, it is a trustworthy assumption that your beloved time-telling device has—or, ultimately will—start to accumulate debris. Substances like grease and sweat as well as dust particles, hair, and other microscopic cells, will collect in the nooks and hinges, and quite possibly, even on the surface of the bracelet and case back. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Timepiece?

Our watch specialists emphasized a few monthly care tips to keep your timepiece clean and well taken care of. Frequency depends on the season, activity level, and rhythm of use, however, a professional cleaning is recommended every few years. An example of an immediate care scenario would be if you wear your timepiece in saltwater, then you should rinse it promptly afterward. One essential component to consider before cleaning is water resistance: A dive watch can unmistakably be submerged underwater; however, more refined timepieces should undergo a professional clean during maintenance. 

Basic Care: The Nightly Wipe-Down

On an average day, we encounter a variety of surfaces and particles that leave residue and need to be cleansed at the end of the evening. Thus, it stands to reason that your timepiece requires similar treatment. We advise using a light, unused cloth to tenderly wipe the inside of the band—the prime location, for sweat-derived dead skin particles that form a residual texture. Particularly in the links of metal manufactured watchbands and around the case back, remove excess moisture and lotion build-up that occurred throughout the day. 

Remove the Bracelet from the Watch Case

For optimal disinfection, we recommend disengaging the bracelet from the case to get into the nooks to eradicate unseen grime. Before attempting this method, ensure you have the necessary apparatus—a spring bar tool should suffice—and deftly remove the bracelet from both sides of the case lugs. 

Cleaning the Watch Face 

First, fill a bowl with tepid water blended with a drop of mild detergent. Soak a chamois cloth or delicately-bristled toothbrush into the aforementioned water, and kindly sweep over the top of the dial. Avoid scrubbing ferociously since this technique is solely to remove the daily dirt and dust. Nevertheless, if your washing a timepiece adorned with crystals, use a Q-tip. Moisten the Q-tip and roll it around across the watch face, paying special attention to the gems. 

Cleaning the Watch Band 

This method varies because each material requires subtly different techniques. For instance, a leather strap, typically manufactured from animal skins—cowhide, ostrich, and crocodile, for example—must be wiped with a moist cloth. Alternatively, if your band emits an unpleasant odor—which is highly plausible since leather is susceptible to absorbing perspiration and moisture—you can dab some hand soap to the cloth. Once completed, lightly dry and buff the leather with a clean cloth. 

Concerning watch bands manufactured in precious metals—say, stainless steel or gold—are apt to erode over time because of the absence of oxygen, exposure to salt, and perspiration. The most effective way to wash them is with a fine-bristled brush soaked in soapy, warm water. Upon achievement, leave your watch band to air dry before strapping it back on. 

By far the most effortless watch band to clean, a nylon strap, can be introduced into your next bundle of laundry; however, keep in mind that you should separate it in a mesh bag. A rubber strap, on the other hand, requires just as much (if not more) maintenance as timepieces encased in precious metals. The polymer material soaks in sweat and oils, and if not accurately tended to, it can crack and crumble. For optimal washing, dip a pre-used toothbrush into soapy-infused, tepid water, and clean both the interior and exterior of the band. Rinse it off with fresh water and let it dry naturally. 

Professional Watch Cleaning Services at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers 

If uncertain, send it to an expert, especially if your timepiece requires other repair services—say, an internal tune-up or a dial repair—it may perhaps be best to have a specialist take a glimpse. At Hing Wa Lee Jewelers, you will discover high-tech ultrasonic cleaning from master watchmakers on-site, ensuring it reappears in pristine condition. To determine whether your timepiece requires repairs and adjustments, we offer thorough examinations at our flagship store in San Gabriel or Hing Wa Lee Plaza in Walnut, California. Both our retail stores are near Los Angeles, Pasadena, Rosemead, and Alhambra, California.

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