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Modern Watch Style Guide

Watches have been around for centuries, but new styles and technology continue to innovate timepieces. Learn all of the latest modern watch styles with Hing Wa Lee Jewelers.

Timepieces have always reflected the period in which they were built. Their state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic resemble the tastes and science of the times, whatever they may be. Today’s watches are impressive and marvelous, sporting a wide range of sleek styles and creative complications. Find your favorites in this guide.

Carbon Capabilities

Carbon fiber is a true modern marvel. This material is made almost entirely of carbon, one of the most common elements on earth. It is incredibly strong and lightweight, able to withstand even the most strenuous of circumstances. In its “natural” form it is a textile. However, it can be made into a more durable form through the addition of plastic and other materials. Some of today’s timepieces make use of carbon fiber with fantastic results.

This Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari watch is unique in style and substance. With its carbon fiber case and high-quality rubber strap, there’s nothing this watch can’t endure. It can survive up to 330 feet of water. It also has a sapphire crystal to bolster its defenses. Note that the dial has a skeletal design, allowing the viewer to see its gears, wheels, and machinery. Black and red, it boasts a sleek and eye-catching style ideal for every modern tech enthusiast.

Stainless Steel Style

The first stainless steel watch was invented in the 1970s. Despite their age, they still have a modern edge that makes them highly desirable. Stainless steel is durable, sophisticated, and attractive. Today’s watchmakers sometimes pair stainless steel with a minimalist silhouette, an aesthetic beloved by modern sensibilities.

For a wonderful example of modern stainless steel style, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Auto watch is perfect. It has an easy-to-read polished steel dial with dynamic Arabic numerals. For added functionality, it also features a day complication and a central 60-second hand. This watch is bright, elegant, and refined. Its silvery hue makes it effortlessly fashionable and suitable for every outfit.

Digital Details

Digital watches are nothing new, but some bold watchmakers dare to push them forward. They do so with ingenuity and an innovative spirit. By giving timepieces internet connectivity and other advanced features, they are able to perform an array of functions. As luxury watches, they still sport the same high-quality materials and elite style.

TAG Heuer has always been a leader in watchmaking. Only they could release something like the TAG Heuer Connected watch. It has an exquisite modern aesthetic, with a durable rubber strap, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and stainless steel case. The watch’s true beauty lies in its dial. It can connect to the internet and possess a variety of innovative features, including the ability to showcase NFTs.

Find Modern Watches at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

For the latest developments in horology, visit Hing Wa Lee Jewelers. Our wide and diverse range of timepieces contains all of the most recent innovations in watchmaking. We also carry over a dozen of the finest, most high-end brands in the industry.

It has always been our mission to make your timepiece dreams come true. Our experienced and skilled staff is ready and waiting to guide you through a galaxy of timepieces you’ve never seen before. Visit our San Gabriel and Walnut, California stores for a truly breathtaking experience.


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