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Reverse Time With These Vintage-Inspired Timepieces

Want to turn back the clock with a wristwatch? Find the perfect timepiece to do so with Hing Wa Lee Jewelers.

couple on rock with watches

A timepiece does more than tell time. It also showcases the tastes and style of the wearer by allowing them to express their uniqueness through an extravagant and sophisticated accessory. The watch may be modern or vintage, made of platinum or nylon, but either way, they reflect the needs and status of the wearer. Vintage-inspired wristwatches are perfect extensions of the self for those who appreciate the styles and trends of days past. Their sophisticated and refined silhouettes are difficult to match, especially with the ever-in-vogue minimalism that has taken the design world by storm for so long.

man holding watch

What is Vintage-Inspired?

Vintage-inspired timepieces are not antiques. Instead, they incorporate bygone design features from popular watches of the past. This allows for uniquely beautiful pieces that can fulfill a variety of roles.

Some more luxurious pieces have sophisticated silhouettes that make them ideal for accenting an already dressed up outfit, while others take the main stage with their appearance. The term “vintage-inspired” is rather an inclination for the rich history of watches and the creativity of watchmakers.

Let Your Timepiece Roar

Some vintage-inspired pieces are bold and unorthodox as they represent the artistically brave eras they came from. Watches popular in the 1920s and 1930s often had an Art Deco aesthetic. In Art Deco, watches had geometrically eccentric-shaped cases with sleek silhouettes. They often used rectangular cases.

girard-perregaux watches

Dress Up

Dress watches are wristwatches with slender forms that often utilize warm tones. Their primary goal is to not overshadow a good suit. They predominantly use classic round cases, alligator leather straps, minimalist faces, and few, if any, complications. These watches were especially popular in the 1960s.

This Girard-Perregaux 1966 collection showcases a myriad of exquisite vintage-inspired dress watches. While they come in a variety of colors, they are united by their refinement and elegance.

tank watch vintage style

Tank Your Fashion

Rectangular shapes were quite popular in the mid-late 40s. This may be inspired by World War II and the armored tanks that roamed Europe that prompted the invention of the rectangular case. Maximalism and complex designs were also appreciated as engineering enthusiasts were riding on a wave of technological innovation.

This vintage 1945-style timepiece has a rectangular shape and rich blue color, not to mention a subtle moon phase complication in the dial. For added functionality, it even has a date and small second hand. This piece caters to everyone with its rare, understated beauty.

watch on edge of table

Find Your Vintage-Inspired Timepiece at Hing Wa Lee Jewelers

No matter what year it is or what style you are looking for, Hing Wa Lee Jewelers has the timepiece for you. With our peerless selection of designer jewelry and timepiece brands, you will find the luxury you dream of at our showrooms. We have two California showrooms, one in San Gabriel and the other in Walnut. Whether you are coming from Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, or anywhere else in the Great Los Angeles area, our esteemed staff will be pleased to help. Contact us to reserve your personalized shopping experience today.


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